He is a classless, horrific human being. Yet, he is still being paid millions.
  1. He physically attacked and threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend
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    He was found guilty of domestic violence after beating her, throwing her around, choking her, throwing her onto a pile of assault rifles, and threatening to kill her.
  2. After his suspension, he joked about it.
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    In an interview before his first game back, Hardy stated, "I hope I come out guns blazing".........
  3. And in the same interview, he continued to disrespect women
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    When asked about his matchup against Tom Brady, Hardy answered with comments about his wife.
  4. He Attacked A Coach
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    He pushed his special teams coach and slapped the clipboard out of his hands. https://twitter.com/complex_sports/status/658496902216859649
  5. He Attacked His Teammates
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    After letting up a touchdown, Hardy verbally and physically attacked his teammates, even those trying to calm him down. https://twitter.com/foxsports/status/658436143453630464
  6. He is a trash human being.
    Katie Nolan sums it up best here: http://youtu.be/rGrL39Q99sE