Okay, that is a bit of a stretch. But mostly they are shockingly similar. (And while they are also quite different, the similarities are way more fun to acknowledge)
  1. Both were invited to give a short speech and then way overstayed their welcome
    Hamilton- invited to speak at the constitutional convention, ended up talking for 6 hours to a giant restless crowd about a new government he wanted to create. Kanye- invited to give a speech after accepting an award at the VMAs, rambles way longer than planned and announced his candidacy for president.
  2. Both were filled with pride, and refused to back down from what they felt was a personal insult.
    Hamilton- was well known for his hypersensitivity, and challenged TONS of people to a duel. Kanye- see all the times Kanye stormed the stage after not getting an award he thought he deserved.
  3. Both did whatever necessary to make their dreams a reality
    Hamilton moved across the world, bribed a man to keep his affair quiet, publicly announced his affair (and broke his wife's heart) to keep his political legacy clean, wrote and worked 24/7 and never saw his family, and then eventually sacrificed his life for his beliefs. Kanye dropped out of college and recorded an album with his jaw wired shut just to get his words out there. He also has risked ruining his reputation and trust every time he made a public spectacle defending his beliefs.
  4. Both great at making strong accusations
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    Hamilton- see the long list of dramatic accusations in the corresponding images. Kanye- said Bush hates black people, tweeted that Cosby is innocent, and more.
  5. Both lost their mothers
    Hamilton's mother died of a severe fever when he was young. Kanye's mother died of an artery disease and plastic surgery complications in 2007.
  6. Both never hesitate to speak their mind (and it frequently got them in trouble)
  7. Both wanted to be involved in government
    Hamilton was quite literally a founding father of our nation. Kanye announced his desire to run for president and lead our nation.