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  1. 4am: Woke up mysteriously. Wide awake. Proceeded to wash face & apply a boscia face mask.
    Minty & special.
  2. 5am: Still awake. Hung out with these two.
    (Grumpy Old Men)
  3. 630am
    Saw sunrise. Headache starting.
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...am I really?...
  1. Learning math
    ...my embarrassing long division divide..
  2. Figuring out the politest way of calling out racism.
    ((( does this skill exist?? )))
  3. Getting to bed early.
    ...currently 11:33pm, and not washed up.
  1. It had too many strangers
    ...in today's example, about 250 of them.
  2. It wasn't a wedding or funeral
    ...and thus not a one time event.
  3. It was a yearly event
    ...catch ya next time?
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💋words & fresh ink as an offering to the crowd💋
  1. Fell off li.st
    ((fell hard..))
  2. I'm missing you all
  3. This is a comeback!
    ((..please take me back!..))
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UhhhhhhHHHHhhh NOOOOOooooo!
  1. I've always had electric stoves
    Good ol' non-moving heat source
  2. When we moved into this apartment 7 years ago it came with a gas stove. My husband was ecstatic.
    I was completely freaked out
  3. Open flame?!
    This is desirable??
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Gold barbs: such camera whores!
  1. This is my tank
    50 gallons, just recently redone. New substrate, new light, new plants.
  2. These are the Gold Barbs
    Borrowed from my 125 gallon tank just six feet away.
  3. These are their silly wiggling camera-whore bodies when I'm trying to photograph some of the plants
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A brief flow chart
  1. Is the title a bore?
    If so—-> NO
  2. Greater than 19 items?
    If so—-> NO
  3. Fandom fodder?
    If so—-> NO
...and I'm asleep... so I don't even know 😫 until someone tells me!
  1. Fart
    Toot toooooooot toot toot!
  2. Snore
    Like a chainsaw. Or a tiny bubbler.
  3. Steal the covers
    I can burrito-wrap myself in 3 seconds
  4. Talk
    Wanna know about my car-thru-roof dream?
  1. Other children would believe in Santa forever
    Keeping the Santa secret was REALLY hard..
  2. Adults had wild parties after their kids went to bed
    Friends, food, booze, music.. a circus every night and I was missing out!!!
  3. Cars wouldn't move unless all passengers were buckled
    Classic parental lie.. very effective too.
  1. Snark
    A healthy dose of eye rolls, long sighs, snorts, and AYFKM?!-looks. 🙄😒😫
  2. Boise photos
    Well, duh. She's adorable. Brightens any day you're having.
  3. Sweets
    Mostly fruity, occasionally chocolate. Always top shelf.
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