This is a rare category for any media to find itself- in my life anyway. Usually it's once-and-done, so these stand out in a very big way.
  1. Big Fish
    Movie about some real whoppers- initially watched when we believed my own father had just months to live.
  2. The House on Mango Street
    Book by Sandra Cisneros. It has an authentic tine different from my own. I was quickly won over.
  3. Pretty Woman
    Childhood nostalgia. Back when I though being a prostitute & snagging a sugar daddy was a career path. Still love every patronizing moment.
  4. Any book written by Wally Lamb
    They're all worthwhile - all winners.
  5. Mary Poppins.
    Again, childhood nostalgia. I love the story, I even love the songs- which is even more rare in my life. You typically lose me at "musical" or "Disney"