•Paranoid Thoughts: Farmer's Market Edition•

Fresh produce, fresh flowers, fresh mouth!
  1. Am I an asshole for driving solo?
    Carpooling seems more granola.
  2. MOTHERFUCKINGSunscreen.
    Forgot it. I'll be fiiiiiiine. We're all Vitamin D deficient in the Northeast.. Just don't burn. Mom will kill you.
  3. I need cash. In the woods.
    Too bad trees don't have ATMs. 🌳🏧 $40? $60? Receipt??
  4. Reusable bags, asshat.
    Dig them out from my backseat.. dig dig dig. My veggies 🍅🌽 need to be stylishly carried. No scorned plastic here!
  5. TICKS?!
    Is that a tick? IS THAT A TICK?!?! Get it off GET IT OFF MEEEEE!!! ..dirt? Just a dirt speck? PHEW!
  6. Did I drop my cash? 💵
  7. Do I have my phone? 📱
  8. Did I drop my cash? 💵
  9. Do I have my phone? 📱
  10. Where did I park?!?!
    This car maze is impossible. 🚗 Bloop bloop!!