...but let loose here!
  1. You're going batshit crazy waiting for life to line up perfectly, and it's NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.
    Pleaseeeeeeeee stop.
  2. Why are you expecting your 7 year-old to be more mature than you?
    ...are you six? That's the only way it'll work.
  3. Way to shoot us all in the foot, you asshats.
    Please consult a calendar next time. Or use common sense. 🖕🏼
  4. Yup, walk in the middle of the road, at a snail's pace. Sloth pace even. Continue ignoring the SIDEWALKS provided for you..
    AYFKM?! I'm in a CAR. This would be a very unfair fight...
  5. Perfume can't cover up the stench of your narcissism.
    You reek.
  6. I've never heard someone laugh in a literal "HEHEHEHEHE" way.
    Did you practice?
  7. Sports car, crashed, on fire. Kid looks 19. Shocking.
    Just ...so freakin' predictable.