•Snarky Comments I Kept In My Mouth•

...but let loose here!
  1. You're going batshit crazy waiting for life to line up perfectly, and it's NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.
    Pleaseeeeeeeee stop.
  2. Why are you expecting your 7 year-old to be more mature than you?
    ...are you six? That's the only way it'll work.
  3. Way to shoot us all in the foot, you asshats.
    Please consult a calendar next time. Or use common sense. 🖕🏼
  4. Yup, walk in the middle of the road, at a snail's pace. Sloth pace even. Continue ignoring the SIDEWALKS provided for you..
    AYFKM?! I'm in a CAR. This would be a very unfair fight...
  5. Perfume can't cover up the stench of your narcissism.
    You reek.
  6. I've never heard someone laugh in a literal "HEHEHEHEHE" way.
    Did you practice?
  7. Sports car, crashed, on fire. Kid looks 19. Shocking.
    Just ...so freakin' predictable.