I'll take "WTF" for 200..
  1. Does Alex Trebek know all the answers?
    He certainly knows how to pronounce everything
  2. Pffft.. I could totally beat these contestants!
    ...no fucking way.
  3. Did Alex just throw shade??
    DID HE?!?! Alexxxxxx...
  4. I want the cast of West Wing to compete..
    They would (fictionally) destroy this shit!
  5. Why am I watching this?!
    I'm not 60 years old. I am a super nerd though..
  6. I got the Final Jeopardy question right!
    I'm a GENIUS. I should apply for the show IMMEDIATELY.
  7. When I get to Final Jeopardy and don't know the question, what funny thing will I write for Alex to read out loud instead?
    Suggested by @loriatx