What I'd Offer in the IveGottaTellMel Monthly Subscription Box

We're all doin' this, right?
  1. Snark
    A healthy dose of eye rolls, long sighs, snorts, and AYFKM?!-looks. 🙄😒😫
  2. Boise photos
    Well, duh. She's adorable. Brightens any day you're having.
  3. Sweets
    Mostly fruity, occasionally chocolate. Always top shelf.
  4. The reality-zing! my best friend offers
    It'll snap you back, in a lovely whiplash style.
  5. Pistachios
    The best snack in the world- tasty & fidgety!
  6. A feather pillow
    A must-have for any toughness the day hands you. Protect your locks & rest up sleepyhead.