As played by my family this afternoon 💗 Mom & Dad, Me & Hubby, Sister & Brother-in-law
  1. "Mine is empty.."
    My sister, describing her non-pregnant vajay 🍑
  2. "Mine is covered in hair.."
    My brother-in-law to describe his bathroom counters, bedroom floor, etc. -all due to my sisters propensity for shedding.
  3. "Mine is dirty.."
    Said by everyone at some point.. For their car, basement, state of mind, flip-flops..
  4. "Mine has two chambers.."
    My sister, inaccurately describing her heart.
  5. "Mine is bare.."
    My Mom. Luckily she was describing her bedroom floor, which currently has no rug.. we all held our breath on this one!
  6. "Mine is Crunchy Cheetos."
    My Dad, who didn't understand the game 😆
  7. "We'd better hope this doesn't make it 'round to me!"
    My Dad, finally understanding the game, after selecting the "head" card... ... 😳