Daily exaggerations from those spared the experience? Minimizing mental health struggles & trauma? 😒 What's up with this??
  1. "I'm just so depressed about losing my phone"
  2. "WholeFoods just raped my wallet"
  3. "-and would you believe they wouldn't let me return it?? Fucking traumatic!"
    Let's get you to the ER..
  4. "I'm so OCD, I need my dollars all facing the same way"
    That's not even the shadow of OCD.
  5. "That makes me want to kill myself"
    ...obviously suicide hasn't touched your life.
  6. "She's got social anxiety or something."
    Wasn't aware you became a mental health professionals overnight! Mazel Tov!
  7. "Sorry I spaced out, I'm so ADD."
    If you only knew the daily struggles that come with this disorder.
    Suggested by @sarahtrue