Don't want them. Not having them. Nope.
  1. We love (& need) our down time
    As introverts we need breaks from everyone, even each other. More people in the house? Nofuckingway.
  2. The idea of taking care of little people isn't appealing to either of us.
    "It's your turn. No, it's YOUR turn." Kid would probably starve and have to change its own diapers.
  3. Pregnancy = horrific body-altering invasion
    Nothing good here. Move on.
  4. No maternal instinct.
    No cooing over baby clothes. No desire to hold infants. Grossed out by diapers & bodily fluids. Anne Geddes pictures freak me out.
  5. 18+ years is a lot to sign up for
    What if we don't like them?? We haven't even been together 18 years- we're gonna invite in a bigger commitment that might turn on us?
  6. We like life the way it is.
    The most honest answer. Life is bliss.