1. 20. A song I heard the other day
    Great song!
  2. 19. Mount Brushmore
    Kudos to Tom's Of Tasmania for spreading the gospel of dental health by painting a kilometer-wide gleaming white smile onto Uluru
  3. 18. My Best Exotic tweet from 2013
    Classic. (Note: "Best Exotic" is how us Best Exotic Marigold Hotel-heads refer to Best Exotic Marigold Hotel)
  4. 17. Rocky, my pet rock
    He's a rescue
  5. 16. The jPod
    My patent-pending invention. It's like an iPod, but it holds photos instead of songs. It doesn't have a camera
  6. 15. The series finale of "Outsourced"
    A sobbing, out-of-character Diedrich Bader slowly dismantling the call center set for 30 minutes was the realest TV moment of 2011
  7. 14. Using the 💯 emoji on this app
  8. 13. The Beatles
    Mark, Chet H, Bri, and Chet W truly were "The Fab Four"
  9. 12. The Harry Potter books
    Mark, Chet H, Hermoine, and Chet W truly were "The Prisoners of Azkaban"
  10. 11. Haters
    Gotta love their positive energy!
  11. 10. Rent, the musical
    528,669 minutes lol
  12. 9. Pizza Hut
    Better Ingredients, Better Pizza, Papa John's
  13. 8. That Tostitos ad with Roman Polanski
    "I may be in exile from America, but Tostitos aren't!" Haha oh man so classic 😅
  14. 7. The annual Purge
    Just remember all the good the Purge does
  15. 6. Parents
    They've had sex before. Nice!
  16. 5. Comedy
    I'm a huge humor-head. Like, Monty Python is one of my all-time favorite movies
  17. 4. Mr. Goodbar
    More like Mr. Greatbar!
  18. 3. Pessimism
    You're either right, or something good happens. This won't get relisted
  19. 2. Not flossing
    I wish I were cool enough to not floss 😔
  20. 1. Mount Everest, obviously
    What else could top this list? As far above sea level as it is cool. Single coolest thing