I tweeted these a few months ago, but this app seems like the perfect place for them
  1. 20. Neanderthals
    They were so stupid smh
  2. 19. Anthony Bourdain
    Shame on him for inserting his views on Native American land rights into the title of his cooking show
  3. 18. DiGiorno
    Tastes great, but I can't afford delivery 😕
  4. 17. Great minds
    If they're really so great, why do they think "uh... like..." all the time?
  5. 16. Al Qaeda
    This loser Albert Qaeda from my high school, not the terrorist group. He is coincidentally a terrorist now though
  6. 15. Aztecs
    Um, Inca much?
  7. 14. Willis
    I never know what that guy is talking about
  8. 13. Terminal diseases
    Can't live with 'em, can live without 'em
  9. 12. Dreams
    The only thing I've learned from analyzing my dreams is that I apparently want to have sex with Sigmund Freud
  10. 11. Joran van der Sloot
    He cheats at Uno
  11. 10. My parents
    They keep me grounded 😔
  12. 9. Explosions
    The silent killer
  13. 8. The Chinese Zodiac calendar
    Y'all know dragons don't exist, right? Cause the other 11 animals are real ones
  14. 7. Charles Darwin
    His decision to make camels evolve such stupid-looking faces was downright cruel
  15. 6. Laundry
    Why do people wash their clothes? They're just gonna get dirty again!
  16. 5. The Grand Canyon
    I tried to have sex with it but my dick was too big 😪
  17. 4. Now THAT'S What I Call Sea Life Vol. 37
    No krill?!?!?
  18. 3. Getting me started
    Don't get me started!
  19. 2. 14-year-olds
    They're sexually attracted to 14-year-olds. That's messed up
  20. 1. The Marianas Trench, obviously
    What else could top this list? As far below sea level as it is lame. Single lamest thing