Original concept by @NKraft
  1. I was helping my mom clean out the garage a few months ago when we stumbled upon her wedding dress! She thought she had lost it, but there it was, in a dusty box next to her old tax returns (I guess TurboTax didn't exist back in the day 😜). And lo and behold, as you can see, it still fits!
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  2. Wow, talk about a throwback! I baked this beautiful paella (and trust me, it tasted as great as it looked) during college, with my then-girlfriend. It's funny how a single picture can bring back so many emotions. I guess it's true what they say: a picture really is worth a thousand words *sigh*
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  3. No words. Incredible.
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  4. Christmas 2014, Maui. Never have I loved someone more, or felt more loved, than I did when this picture was taken. RIP Grandma, 1931-2014 😔
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  5. Ran into Ryan from "The Office" at Baja Fresh!
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