I'm more of an idea guy than a techie. So if any of you developers out there see something you like here, please contact me!
  1. eBola
    Lets you cure one person's Ebola, but gives YOU Ebola. So then a loved one is gonna have to download it to cure you, their loved one will download it to cure them, and so on and so on. Slap a $2.99 price tag on there, and you've got yourself a cash cow!
  2. Curbstompr
    As soon as it's finished downloading, some guy comes and curbstomps the shit out of you
  3. What The Fork?
    Buy digital food with real money
  4. Jeans
    Turns your phone into jeans
  5. App Shop
    You know how there are tons of great apps out there, but there isn't one central marketplace that sells them? Well, what if you could download an app that would serve as a sort of directory for ALL apps? And what if this database app were also a store that you could use to purchase all the cool apps you've found? Two words: yes please!
  6. Grindr
    Inspired by my dad. Finally, an app that ground pepper enthusiasts can call their own!
  7. Borat Soundboard
    This one is pretty self-explanatory
  8. PlaceJumpr
    I don't know if this is technologically feasible, but if someone could make it work it would be a game-changer. So how it works is, let's say you're in LA, and you want to visit a friend in NYC. You simply open the app, type in "New York City," and BOOM you're instantly there. And you could do this with any location on earth. In what world is that not a billion-dollar idea?
  9. InStagRam
    Wall-to-wall photos of the local ram population in Štag, Slovakia
  10. AdsApp
    It's free to download, but for $4.99 you can upgrade to the ad-free version, which is just a blank screen
  11. Facebook
    Did you know that there isn't a Facebook app for smartphones? Seriously, look it up!