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  1. Barack Obama
    Sample list: "Problems I've run into because I happen to have the same name as the President of the United States"
  2. Kim Jong Un
    Sample list: "Differences between the original Joan's On Third and the new Studio City location"
  3. A tall guy
    Sample list: "Daily weather report for Up Here"
  4. Jeff Dunham
    Sample list: "Why the creation I'm most proud of isn't Achmed The Dead Terrorist -- it's my daughter, Lena"
  5. Sisqo
    Sample list: "Thong Song"
  6. Ira Glass
    Sample list: "From WBEZ Chicago and NPR, this is ➕Open List: I wanna go blonde, any tips for hair dyeing?👱👱👱 I'm Ira Glass"
  7. Manmeet from "Outsourced," in character
    Sample list: dunno (I never watched Outsourced, but Manmeet is a funny name!)
  8. Former Beatle Chet H.
    Sample List: "How I respond when 'fans' get me confused with Chet W."
  9. An iguana
    Sample list: "Why I take myself so damn seriously"
  10. George Washington
    Sample list: "I came back from the dead, I got a cell phone, and I'm OBSESSED with every list by @zoe"
  11. Shaquille O'Neal
    Sample list: "Why I used to do lots of slam dunks"
  12. Kanye West
    Sample list: impossible to speculate, cause you never know what that guy is gonna say next! #viral
  13. Helen Keller
    Sample list: "lol i'm blind and deaf der der der"
  14. John Mayer
    Sample list: "Small (and certainly negotiable) dreams I have of my ideal mate"
  15. An old-ass
    Sample list: "What it's like being over 27"
  16. That lady who hosted "The Weakest Link"
    Sample list: "You ARE the weakest link, goodbye? More like, you ARE the weakest link, hello: Friends I've met via hosting The Weakest Link"
  17. David Miscavige
    Sample list: "The truth about my Jewishness"
  18. An inanimate object
    Sample list: "What it's like being [whatever inanimate object it is]"
  19. Me
    Sample list: "Look at me, I think I'm so damn clever"
  20. The guy who played Ryan on "The Office"
    Sample list: "What I learned working with the very talented Mr. Steven Carell"