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  1. Bulgaria
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    Pretty shocking, right? I’ve never been able to figure out exactly why Bulgaria’s insanely provocative flag hasn’t faced much controversy. I guess people are confused as to what exactly its message is? I know I’m certainly confused
  2. France
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    I like the "meta" design, but the blue stripe on the foreground banner really clashes with the blue sky of the background
  3. Canada
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    The famed “Maple Leaf" flag is an instantly recognizable symbol of the Canadian people, but it has recently drawn criticism for featuring a white model who doesn’t represent Canada’s status as a multicultural hub
  4. Mali
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    Am I the only one who thinks the left-most warrior looks exactly like Emeril Lagasse?
  5. VietBAM!
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    Am I the only one who thinks the smiling chef looks exactly like Emeril Lagasse?
  6. Sweden
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    Known as “Flaggen Antikristen” (Antichrist Flag), Sweden’s notoriously controversial national emblem turns the familiar Christian cross on its side in a shameful show of disrespect to Our Lord And Savior
  7. South Korea
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    Although critics lambasted it as a short-sighted cash-grab upon its adoption in 2012, sales of the so-called “Gangnam Flag” helped South Korea recover from its worst economic downturn in 40 years
  8. South Africa
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    The new post-apartheid government was in such a rush to adopt a fresh national flag that they accidentally forgot to purchase the rights to the image of Nelson Mandela that they used for it. South Africans have taken the mistake in stride, however, and their national rugby team is now known informally as “The iStocks"
  9. Afghanistan
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    I feel like there is a lot going on with Afghanistan, sucks that they went with such a straightforward flag
  10. Afghaniston
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    Like Afghanistan, Afghaniston's flag is a little too on the nose for my tastes
  11. China
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    Any similarities between the flag’s non-traditional shape and a map of the continental United States are purely coincidental, as it was actually created by the Shang dynasty in 1271 BC, millennia before the first outsiders visited North America
  12. Kitti Arabia
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    Kitti Arabia has faced intercational criticism and CATO sanctions due to its spotty human bites record (including a law which prevents felines from driving), but the devoutly Fuzzlim and oil-rich "petco state" has nonetheless developed a cult internet following due to its supercute flag
  13. Republic of Pie
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    This tiny nation, an enclave within the city of Los Angeles, is not to be confused with its larger war-torn counterpart, the Democratic Republic of Pie
  14. Tajikistan
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    The famously hard-working people of Tajikistan look to their national flag as inspiration to get them through the work week. In the first three years after this flag was adopted in 2005, worker productivity rose 17 percent
  15. Paraguay
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    The 50 stars on Paraguay's flag represent the country's 50 best restaurants
  16. Liberia
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    The star on Liberia's flag represents El Quinto Mejor, the fifth-best restaurant in Paraguay
  17. Jamaica
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    Rasta Banana Dad was already going to live forever in our hearts, but thanks to a 2014 act passed by Jamaica’s Parliament, he’ll also be immortalized on the island nation’s flag
  18. Yemen
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  19. Australia
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    The 20 Australians featured on their country's flag are all winners of a nation-wide essay contest with the prompt "What Australia Means to Me"
  20. United States of America
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    A classic. Timeless