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  1. Black Forest Ham
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    The Black Forest Ham has never been better. Load it up with all the crunchy veggies you like on your choice of freshly baked bread. Even try it fresh toasted with melty cheese and mustard. Yum!
  2. Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt
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    Saddle up & try the fresh toasted SUBWAY® Chicken & Bacon Ranch sandwich. Stuffed with melted Monterey cheddar cheese, tender all-white meat chicken, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato, onions and green peppers.
  3. Cold Cut Combo
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    Can't decide what kind of meat you want? Get them all. The Cold Cut Combo is stacked with turkey-based meats - ham, salami and bologna. It's topped with crisp vegetables and served on freshly baked bread. This combo has a little bit of everything.
  4. Meatball Marinara
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    A SUBWAY® Restaurants favorite. Enjoy Italian style meatballs drenched in irresistible marinara sauce, served on freshly baked bread.
  5. Tuna
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    Our tasty Tuna Sandwich is simply sumptuous. Flaked tuna, mixed with mayo, and your choice of fresh vegetables, this local favorite can be built to suit your craving.