Perhaps a little biased towards Lakers from my lifetime
  1. Laker Jones
  2. Laker Smith
    Don't recognize the name Laker Smith? Well, do the words "Oy vey, I lost my blue suede shoes!" ring a bell? That's right, Elvis Smithberg is just a stage name. He was actually born Laker Smith, and never legally changed it
  3. Edward Laker
    Sorry, I had to :-P
  4. Laker Jones Jr.
    I refuse to disqualify him over something as trivial as Scandalgate
  5. Laker Bell
    Loved her in "In A Worldr..."
  6. Dwayne "The Laker" Johnson
    Didn't lose too much sleep over this one
  7. Sophocles
    Not technically a Laker, of course, but how could anyone in their right mind justify omitting Sophocles from this list?
  8. Kareem Abdul-Laker
    Classic Laker
  9. Shit K. Laker
    Fun fact: Shit K. Laker's lesser known claim to fame is that he invented the cotton gin
  10. Laker
    Top Laker of all time, in my book