1. A zebra
  2. A newspaper
  3. The Chinese newspaper
  4. Black and white movies
  5. A wall that was painted entirely black and white, with no red
  6. A wall that was painted black, white, and red, but then the red parts were all painted over with more black
  7. The flag of Yemen, in grayscale
  8. A bleeding zebra that has a disease that makes its blood green instead of red
  9. The color orange
  10. The Chicago Bulls logo, but with all the red parts removed
  11. The Chicago Bulls logo, as seen by a dog
  12. The sky
  13. All the paintings from Picasso's Blue Period
  14. All the paintings from Picasso's Yellow Period
  15. The one painting from Picasso's Black/White/Red Period where he ran out of red paint and had to use brown paint instead
  16. A Lakers jersey
  17. An oreo
  18. The cover of "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban", but misprinted with only black, white, and red ink, but then someone spilled purple paint on it so it's entirely purple
  19. The cover of "One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories", by B.J. Novak