Great food that you get at a gas station

  1. Super burrito , gas for less 880 and high street Oakland Ca. I am a succer for gas station burritos and I'll go out of my way to fill up at this station to get a $5 super burrito. Soothes the road rage of Bay Area traffic.
  2. Friday Tri tip sandwiches at fast track shell Redding Ca, . This sandwich is a juicy dripping mess of BBQ tritip and do it yourself fixings of BBQ sauce and some extremely strong horseradish . It takes a few trips to find the right balance of horseradish to BBQ sauce but well worth the practice .
  3. Sofa Dad breakfast burrito Amaratis Chevron castle Ca. If you happen to find yourself anywhere near this place , STOP! The view and vibe of this station is something you will talk about for life. They have some pre made burritos in a case and a fine selection of craft brews that you can enjoy outside under a rock formation known as Castle Crags
  4. Deep fried beef red hots, any where they sell them. If you find these little greasy gems in the deli case grab two and a roll of tums.
  5. Am/Pm boneless BBQ rib sandwich. I know these things are soooo wrong but I can't leave a station without getting one , always a regrettable decision later down the road.
  6. And to round off this list...... The original gas station happy meal , A slim Jim , a bag of Cheetos , a slurpee and some m&m's