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This is my dog, Gilmore. He is a Shih Tzu - Poodle mix...otherwise known as a 12 lb. ball of fluffy cuteness. He has many names in our household:
  1. Happy Gilmore
    His namesake - not after the "Girls"
  2. Pup pup
    My daughter calls him this
  3. Jake from State Farm
    My daughter also calls him this. She is 9. She is a hot mess.
3 more...
  1. Carrie Mathison
    A bit emotional, unapologetic, can be a bad-ass, into her work, has a few close friends, unstable without her meds
  2. Beverly Goldberg
    I AM the Smother! (My three kids will back me up on this!) - a bit dramatic, will go to the ends of the earth for my kids, loves to cook
  3. Josh Lyman
    Loud, a bit arrogant, gets the job done, fueled on large amounts of caffeine, always looks slightly disheveled, smack-talks, knows my shit
kind of random...explains a bit about me.
  1. 1.
    This is me
    I'm a professor at a small, Midwest, liberal arts college. The "assistant professor-odd" pic says it all
  2. 2.
    This is George
    He's my middle child. This was at my sister's wedding. Pimpin' ain't easy.
  3. 3.
    This is Callie
    She's my youngest. She was maybe 3 years old here (she's 9 now). One of my favorites because it explains why we call her "Sister Soul" or the "Hot Mess"
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College professor with 3 kids and no plans
  1. Brought 13 year old to annual physical, only to find he is officially taller than me
  2. Walked the dog
  3. Did laundry
    It's the never-ending pile
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I'm a professor at a small, Midwest, liberal arts college. The comic material is endless
  1. "Professor-you are the bomb.com"
    Thanks...just don't say this on a plane
  2. "I feel like we are the wonder twins! Shape of...a frustrated professor. Form of...a holistic advisor 👊🏼"
    My PM to a colleague regarding a problem student
  3. "if only we could be an eagle with a bucket of water. instead, we have to carry around the dead weight of a slacker"
    His response to me
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Because what will fuck your kids up more than ranking them amongst themselves? Throwing their friends into the mix
  1. #1 - Sam
    He's my first born, and he is usually an easy kid, but he's 14, so he can be an asshole sometimes. The coveted number one spot changes frequently.
  2. #2 - Adrian
    Sam's friend. Love this kid! He calls me Mama J. I have to wonder though if he's too good to be true.
  3. #3 - Jack
    Sam's friend, also known as "4th child" because he's always around. Good kid, but always so loud in the car.
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Because going from being a chemist to a business professor wasn't enough of a change
  1. The person who discovers the dead body on Law & Order: SVU
    I would like a really cheeky quip too, in homage to Lennie Briscoe.
  2. The dead body at the beginning of a Law & Order :SVU episode
    Like a hooker or a runner in Central Park
  3. A children's book author
    Title - "Sister Soul", my daughter's nickname. She would make a hilarious protagonist.
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Because sometimes their given names just aren't enough
  1. Sister Soul
    For my daughter, Caroline (or Callie as we usually call her). Her brothers used to sing Lady Marmalade to her when she was a baby (yeah, they were 4 and 6) and would sing "hey, sister soul, sister soul"
  2. Geo Rocks the Free World
    For George (my middle child), because Geo doesn't just rock, he rocks the free world!
  3. LL Cool Schmool
    For my oldest, Sam. Schmool is short for his Hebrew name, and he's always had mad skillz, yo...especially for a white Jewish kid from Iowa.
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For those rare moments when I get time to myself...
  1. Law & Order: SVU marathons
  2. Dairy Queen for lunch
  3. Audible
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