Because what will fuck your kids up more than ranking them amongst themselves? Throwing their friends into the mix
  1. #1 - Sam
    He's my first born, and he is usually an easy kid, but he's 14, so he can be an asshole sometimes. The coveted number one spot changes frequently.
  2. #2 - Adrian
    Sam's friend. Love this kid! He calls me Mama J. I have to wonder though if he's too good to be true.
  3. #3 - Jack
    Sam's friend, also known as "4th child" because he's always around. Good kid, but always so loud in the car.
  4. #4 - tie between George and Spencer
    George is my middle child...always trying to BS his day away with me. He earns points for being really cute and helpful. He loses points for quitting band 2 months ago and pretending he was still going. Spencer is another of Sam's friends. He is hilarious but always crabbing and arguing over the dumbest shit.
  5. #6 - Hazel
    My daughter's friend. Always good for a hug, but I also think that she my have convinced my daughter to cut her own hair.
  6. #7 - Ian
    Love this boy, but he kept deleting his mom off of a group text we were having today about basketball practice so he got knocked down for disrespecting his mama. Side note: #2 Adrian was the one that added her back in.
  7. #36 - Callie
    My 8 year old daughter. Because she is a typical 8 year old girl ...and not the sugar and spice type. More like the bratty hot mess type.
  8. Not on the list - Kevin
    George's friend...because really...who the hell IS Kevin anyway?!