I've seen many a live show over the years and each is special for whatever reason er other. But if one of these guys plays near you, go see them
  1. Henry Saiz
    He's a dark, ghostlike apparition that just plays the most ridiculous good music you've ever heard. He also goes by Hal Incandensa and he has a band that was working under the name Tyrane. Go see his DJ set or his live PA. Seriously amazing
  2. John Digweed
    Digweed is a DJs DJ. He's great, he was even kind enough to take a picture with my wife. If you've been listening to "Techno" long enough to know who Digweed is, go see him and he'll teach you how to appreciate things you've never conceived. He's a brilliant, brilliant DJ.
  3. Nick Warren
    I've seen him play as a headliner, a B2B, an opener, a festival.... The man delivers every time and always hits the perfect note. Truly a master at his craft.
  4. Guy J
    These are his hands. You can tell a bit from this hardware that he's a bit different in the booth from the average. The Guy Just plays beautiful music. He also enjoys pictures of turtles and pizza (or so his Instagram account seems to suggest.
  5. Hernan Cattaneo
    (Not pictured) The best thing about a Hernan show is the way the crowd draws you in. I can't explain it but it's happened every time I've seen him. It's like you become part of a symbiotic community.