Allow me to Listoduce™ myself

  1. This is my face on a good day
  2. This is my face on a bad day
  3. I'm fresh outta high school
    That's my sister, @ayeeejess
  4. I'm a pescetarian
    Not really for animal rights or anything (although viewing footage from slaughterhouses definitely cemented my decision) I just feel better when I don't eat red meat or chicken
  5. I work for a certain coffee chain
    Despite my face in this picture I actually love working there. even though it's not where I choose to buy coffee, Starbucks treats its employees right.
  6. I got the opportunity to go to France last summer
    We only had 8 days to see Paris and a few cities in Provence and along the French Riviera so the trip was a bit rushed. Nevertheless I fell in love with what I got to experience and there is no doubt in my mind that I'll return one day.
  7. I like to paint
    See the full project here My Last Big High School Art Project
  8. I luuuuve my dog
    glamour shot
  9. My favorite band is city & colour
    I got tickets to see him in Grand Rapids as a Christmas gift last year. Absolutely amazing.
  10. My favorite director is Wes Anderson
    Or at least he's directed all of my favorite movies
  11. My favorite book is "The Art of Travel" by Alain de Botton
    This and "The Architecture of Happiness" changed so much about the way I travel and take in my surroundings
  12. I'm not really sure where my future is headed.
    I thought I knew but now I don't. I'm living with my family for now and taking online classes until I get things figured out.