1. When you feel that you're about to sneeze but never actually do
  2. When you crack an egg onto a skillet and it doesn't sizzle right away
  3. When the DVD logo screen saver never hits the corner
    (Office reference😏)
  4. (When someone forgets the second parenthesis
  5. When you try to crack your back/neck/knuckles, but nothing happens
  6. When your friend shares only one fry
  7. When you worked really hard on a list and you're 100% sure it'll trend but it ends up seriously flopping
    Also when I just saw this list under "trending" and I didn't even get confetti!
  8. When you wake up 12 minutes before the alarm goes off and you really needed those 12 minutes of sleep because you have been up all night on @list.
    Suggested by   @tenpea
  9. When you think you made a really funny, clever, or interesting suggestion to a li.st ... then realize that you had a horrible typo and there's no way to fix it.
    Suggested by   @doodler19