Don't move to Fort Wayne, Indiana unless you:

Inspired by @lexie_elyse
  1. Are ok with a lack of natural beauty
    I mean, we have a lot of parks and three rivers but that's about it.. This is the mountain-less, ocean-less, canyon-less Midwest, guys
  2. Can stand bipolar weather
    I mean like one side of the sky is a crisp blue, while the other side is a violent hellfire of rolling thunder and lightning. Winter starts late and ends late so I can't remember the last white Christmas I've seen but I remember PLENTY of white Aprils
  3. Appreciate Johnny Appleseed
    I don't really get what exactly this guy did for us but he is highly esteemed here let me tell you. We have a Johnny Appleseed Festival every September (which is actually really fun and I look forward to it every year) and our Midwest League Baseball team is called the Tincaps in honor of him, I guess
  4. Want to watch a city grow
    I was born here, moved when I was 9, and returned 5 years later to an almost completely different place. The downtown area is so much nicer/safer/more interesting and cultured than it used to be, but it still has kind of a small-town feel. I'm genuinely excited for this city's future, even though it's not where I want to stay the rest of my life
  5. Are ok with constant summer road construction
    Yeah, all this growth has its downsides. It's always a new roundabout, "traffic diamond," or highway exit. Sometimes all at the same time.
  6. Love Coffee
    Oh my there are so many coffee drinkers and great places to get really really good coffee. It seems like every other guy actually roasts their own beans too.
  7. Are ready to run into at least one person you know anywhere you go
    Even with a fairly substantial population of over 260k, if you've lived here long enough, you get to know people. Which can be a good or a bad thing.
  8. Support Local Businesses
    Ok maybe this is just a me thing but hey this city and every city has so much to offer, why are you buying pizza at Dominos or burgers at McDonald's when you can get actually edible food at Pint 'N' Slice or Bravas? Really anywhere you live, shop local!! (Side note: Coney Island Hotdogs was featured in this list from @foursquare America's Best Hot Dog Joints )
  9. Are ok with driving a few hours to see good concerts
    I mean, we have had some good concerts here. I saw Ben Folds a couple years ago here and The Flaming Lips are coming in September but most of the concerts I see are in Indy, Cinci, or Chicago. (The concert pictured was near Battle Creek)
  10. Appreciate street art and other forms of creativity
    Murals literally everywhere. The Downtown area is becoming kind of a center for creative minds because of projects like I talked about in this list: Three Things I'm Happy that I did Today
  11. Love Animals
    Everyone has some sort of pet and we have a really nice children's zoo which I still unabashedly visit from time to time.
  12. Enjoy Exploring
    I find new places and areas of town that I've never been to before, all the time. Fort Wayne is a really big, spread-out city and you have to be it's easy to discover places that are new to you, even if they've been there for years.
  13. ..
  14. Fun fact:
  15. Jenna Fischer was born in Fort Wayne
    But from what I've found on google, it looks like she didn't live here long😕