On My Walls Right Now

  1. Map of France
  2. Wood burning I did a few years ago
  3. Yarn picture that took a very long time to finish
  4. Picture of Paul McCartney I got at the rock n roll hall of fame in Cleveland
  5. Polaroids of my puppies❤️
  6. Action shot of puppy❤️
  7. Art i got in the Dominican Republic
  8. Picture from on top of a cathedral in the Dominican Republic
  9. This big ol' moose I drew
  10. Water color test paper I traced and put Antlers lyrics on
  11. Wes Anderson art from someone I found through Instagram
    Her name's Heather Buchanan. You should check her out on Etsy
  12. Paper cranes
    The only origami I can make without instructions😂
  13. Portlandia art from li.st'a favorite artist, roaringsoftly
  14. More of my weird art
  15. A friend of mine put this picture I took of the Champs Élysée on a plank of wood for my birthday, it turned out pretty cool👌🏼
  16. Stringed lights✨