Things I Worry About on Other Social Media Apps, that I don't Worry About on

aka: Instagram for me, cause that's the only other app I use
  1. Length of post
    Instagram captions are about brevity (excluding birthdays, fathers/mothers day, etc.) But a list can be as long as it takes to get your point across, really.
  2. Posting more than once a day
    Really doesn't happen often, but this is my second post today. If i feel inspired to write a list, I don't stifle it just because I already did that morning, I just roll with it.
  3. Looking Perfect
    I've got more of an aesthetic going on Instagram, that I feel like I have to fit into. This isn't necessarily because i want to look good to other people, I just see it as more of an art portfolio than any kind of documentation of my life. Here it's not about the likes or the image, it's literally just about whatever is on my mind at the moment
  4. That I will offend people I know in real life and have to deal with it in person. I can speak my mind here and have reasonable discussion without attacks.
    Suggested by   @MaddyandOwensMom
  5. Being too honest.
    Since the likelihood of anyone in my real life joining is remote, I can write anything that pops in my head. 😉 #almostnofilter
    Suggested by   @angela3950