What $30 Bought Me Today

I'm saving up for a car + airfare and room and board for a wedding in Florida coming up, so obviously I'm living on a budget. God bless Salvo & Target for providing some affordable non-necessities🙏🏼
  1. Vanicream
    This was what I actually went out for. I ran out of facial moisturizer and I think it was recommended somewhere around here on li.st
  2. Freeze-Dried Mango
    Finished by the time I put everything away. Target has tha. best. snacks.
  3. This dress 💙
    Normally, my style is very minimalists, so patterns are out of the question, but I gave this a try in the fitting room and it was a winner
  4. That dress/shirt ❤️
    This is more me
  5. Django Record
    I'm a sucker for French jazz😏
  6. Ella Record
    Well, all jazz😁
  7. Ray Record
    All of these were under $2 I'm so happy rn