Because Bryan Cranston and Melissa Leo are the S.H.I.T 😋
  1. Bring on Emmys 2017!
  2. By not releasing this in the theaters they just robbed Cranston of his "O" in EGOT.
  3. Johnson had a car/boat just like that Bill Nye The Science Guy ep.
  4. Who knew Beavis & Butthead stole material (aka "Bunghole") from Johnson?
  5. Josh Lyman is back in The West Wing!
  6. At least my boss doesn't sit on a toilet during meetings.
  7. Man, old white dudes could be such a drag sometimes. AND love a good filibuster.
  8. My first born shall be named "Little Beagle Johnson". 🐕
  9. "Bryan Cranston's really good." - My dad. "Duh" - me.