I'm a chunky monkey and can't stand stores that don't have clothes that fit non-slender bodies. Here is where I buy from:
  1. New York & Company
    About 75% of my clothes come from here. It can be hit or miss but somehow I always find something. Great work and casual clothing at great prices.
  2. Dynamite
    A Canadian store that has funky styles for great prices. The employees really make the experience great too.
  3. Torrid
    A shop for plus-sized women, Torrid offers a variety of styles. I recently purchased a swimsuit and some undergarments and they are wonderfulllll.
  4. TeeFury
    A great site for fun tees and other apparel. I bought many a shirt from them and plan to buy some funky skirts to go with crop tops.
  5. BetaBrand
    A Kickstarter for clothes, BetaBrand offers some cool innovative clothes. Sure they can be a bit more expensive but I don't mind supporting designers and they have good deals if you get in early on funding a piece of apparel.