Random. I guess I'm feeling contemplative and also a bit nostalgic.
  1. My niece was 1 this month.
    My brother hasn't talked to me in years and won't talk to me if I try. You would have thought I'd done something wrong.
  2. 1/3 of the year gone and I don't feel any closer to my goals
    I've continued my procrastinating ways.
  3. How have I not lost weight in 5 months?
    Despite eating right and working out hard, switching things up, and doing everything right...
  4. Is it normal to not know how I feel?
    In general or about specific things. I just...don't know
  5. I'll be 30 this month and does that matter?
    I am both the same and a different person each year. Does 30 make a difference? No. I don't feel 30 yet I don't NOT feel 30.