In my lifetime, I have wanted to pursue a few careers but it didn't quite work out how I wanted it. Here's a look:
  1. Writer
    Ever since I was a kid, I have wanted to be a writer. I used to write stories all of the time and I would say I have an overly active imagination. I need to start to dedicate the time to writing again both for my personal mental health and for others to enjoy my odd brain.
  2. Psychiatrist
    I went to a psychologist when I was a kid for quite awhile thanks to my sociopathic father. It inspired me to want to help others. When I got accepted to college, I wanted to major in Psychobiology and become a psychiatrist (mainly for the increase in pay associated with writing prescriptions, to be honest). Then I found out how intense med school is and I chickened out and found Finance. I still am shaking my head at myself in disappointment.
  3. Social Worker
    After college I quickly found a job in my field- finance- but the urge to help others and interest in psychology again reemerged. I still think that maybe one day I'll change careers. For now this is just an interest.
  4. Personal Financial Planner
    Once I switched to finance in college, I immediately wanted to find a job in finance that helped people. I always thought I would start a non-profit to help people, especially low-income and non-English speaking people, to understand their finances and things that go with it (mortgages, credit cards, etc). I thought that by starting as a personal financial planner, I would gain the skills to do that. Wow, I was wrong. One interview after college and I realized that job is pure sales.
  5. Non-Profit Owner
    To this day I long to have a non-profit to help people, as I mentioned above. I volunteered a good amount in college and long for that fulfillment now. My most current idea is converting an old school bus into a station for those that are homeless to get a shower, a change of clothes and some essentials, and some food (as well as providing friendship and open ears for those that want it). Will this happen? I'm not sure yet.
  6. Teacher
    I have always, always, always wanted to be a teacher. I got talked out of it due to the low pay that is typical- which of course I regret now. I love teaching others- of any age range and have tutored a lot in my life. I think there is a fulfillment that comes along with the career and I strive for that.
  7. Cast Member on SNL
    I have loved SNL since I was a kid. My best friend and I would watch and re-watch old and current episodes- memorizing and re-enacting the skits. Like most best friends, we thought that we were hilarious and wanted to be around others like that. My friend now does improv in LA and could one day be on SNL!