Here are some apps that are surprisingly useful. Have any unique suggestions? Let me know!
  1. inkHunter
    A fun app that allows you to see what different tattoos look like on your own skin. Definitely a cool app- free too!
  2. HeyTell
    Basically a walkie-talkie that can be used at any distance. I find this most helpful as a safe alternative to texting while driving (please don't text and drive. Please) and also helpful for finding your friend/significant other in a big store.
  3. Feedly
    After Google Reader left us (yes, I'm still mourning), I needed an alternative to collect all of the feeds that I read and also share things on different platforms. This is a great, easy to use app for those who consume content at a large rate.
  4. Pocket
    An easy way to save articles to read later or send to others. Also has a chrome extension.
  5. Zombies, run!
    A great app to get you into running. If you are like me, you hate running. It's tedious, it's uncomfortable, it's unmotivating. This app is one you listen to as you run and makes you feel you are on a mission in the zombie apocalypse. It tracks your running, provides opportunities to slow down (and speed up), and you can listen to your own music during it. Very cool.
  6. Sizer
    An app that lets you collect all clothing size data for friends and family- making gift shopping a breeze.
  7. Waze
    The alternative to Apple/Google maps, this app not only guides you seamlessly to your destination but also provides data on nearby cops, accidents, rod closures, etc. Also has nearby gas stations and their pricing. I used this on a trip to GA and found it extremely easy to use.
  8. EA Battleship
    The wonderful game of Battleship in app form. You can play alone, with strangers, or with friends. My husband and I find ourselves going to this game if we are in a holding pattern— waiting for a comedy show to start, at the airport, etc.
  9. Trail Tracker
    Are you like me and have no sense of direction? Get this app now. It tracks any trail you take— whether actually on a trail or just preventing losing your car in a parking lot (like the airport).
  10. Felt Cards
    This wonderful company will write and send beautiful cards for you, if you are looking for an easy, cheap way to send personalized, handwritten cards. For $5 per month you get 3 custom cards a month with the ability to upload your own pictures.