1. Re-reading old conversations between me and old flames
    Just don't. I re-read some from 9 years ago recently. I realize that I was SUCH a drama queen and had essay-long emails justifying my position on whatever subject (typically me not feeling loved enough). Only to have basically the same "conversation" months later. 🙄
  2. Sending risqué photos
    This is probably just my self-esteem talking, but the moment of sending a risqué photo to someone is cringe-inducing. The excitement, the anticipation of reaction. I can remember those days and they are still cringeworthy
  3. Re-thinking about embarrassing moments
    Getting sick in places, falling (down stairs), my mom walking in on me...finding my body. Oh god. The horrors.
  4. Haunting myself for tripping over words or saying something poorly.
    I'm unfortunately an overthinker.
  5. Getting caught having "relations" in a mall parking lot as a teen
    Come on, Jessica, you knew better.
  6. I'm sure I'll think of more...if I ever was in an Eternal Sunshine situation, I'd have lots of shame to hide behind LOL