Inspired by @KNW
  1. Award shows of any kind
    Yes I love content of all types. You would think I would care about who wins awards, but I don't. It doesn't matter to me what others think of certain shows or movies. The glitz and the glamour is eye-rolling at best. Just not for me.
  2. Wine
    Yes, I know, how terrible. After spending 4 months in Italy, you would think I drink it like a fish. No. I loved it in Italy but now the taste- both red and white- just isn't for me. I'm far from a fan of vinegar and I feel like most wines taste like it. Rose is just about all I can muster. And champagne.
  3. Uggs/crocs
    Can these items just be gone from history please?
  4. Vampire Weekend
    Love indie but this music is just too upbeat and childish sounding to me.
  5. Ferrets
    Does this really need explanation? They smell horribly (and yes, I can even smell the ones that are taken care of correctly) and are just weird to me.
  6. Organized Religion
  7. Snapchat and Twitter
    I think I can understand today's zeitgeist without it
  8. Anais
    I simply cannot acquire the taste
  9. Country music
    It just has not gotten any better, even with pop music being strung into it. The lyrics are hokey and I can't stop picturing hillbillies.
  10. Getting my nails done regularly
    Sometimes I want to be that girl that gets her nails done regularly and looks put together. It's just not me.
  11. Bob Dylan's music.
    I'll take his son's music any day.
  12. Most popular children's movies
    I know, these movies now have adult jokes on them! Exciting. Just not for me. Minions, Frozen, etc are only the start of the list. Recent Kid's movies I approve of- Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea
  13. Drinking enough water
    I'm just not THAT thirsty all the time. Hook me up to an IV and I'd be fine with that alternative LOL
  14. Concerts (*sigh*)
    I used to looooove going to concerts. Now I find myself overwhelmed with people, annoyed that others are touching me, and disappointed in the quality. I sadden me too- don't worry.
  15. HPV vaccine
    I've done enough research to know that it's not worth the risk. I'm not an anti-vaccer by any means but I am an intelligent woman who can differentiate the good and the bad (or at least unnecessary)
  16. Bread with seeds in it
    I just don't like getting little bits stuck in my teeth at every bite
  17. Contouring
    Who has time for that?
  18. Chai anything
  19. Reality shows focused on dating or a family
    Examples: The Kardashians, The Bachelor, etc (oh and also Survivor)
  20. The Muppets
    And artists/performers who embrace them in their work