Inspired by @sky
  1. Freshly cut grass
    Summer at its finest
  2. My grandmother's house and basement
    The smell still brings tears to my eyes
  3. Bonfire
    Partly for the memories, partly for the wood/fire mix
  4. Wood
    Cedar especially. Recently found a perfume that captures this: Santal 33
  5. Honeysuckle
    (the plant, not Bath and Body Work's terrible spray)
  6. Fields after they have been "cured"
    When you grow up in Amish country, the smell of manure means home saddly/oddly enough.
  7. Dirt
    The essence of childhood.
  8. The ocean
    Fresh and salty
  9. Old books
    Is there anything more intoxicating?
  10. Anything almond scented
    Candles, lotions, etc.
  11. My hair after being cleaned at the hairdresser
    Their shampoo smells so good (and is so expensive 🙁)
  12. Fireplaces when lit
  13. My car
    Not sure why it has such a god smell but everyone comments. Just smells slightly sweet, despite how dirty it is haha
  14. Babies/small children
    After leaving my nieces, I always smell like the youngest (4) and it is intoxicating. I'm sure others know what I mean.