I am a list maniac. Thanks to google sheets, they all stay organized, updated, and at my fingertips. Here are some:
  1. List of books I want to read
    Includes author, title, notes (if it's a series, a collection of stories, etc), and number on the list so I know what was added first (I sort my list in various ways based on how I want to see the data, so the Sheet numbers do not stay the same). Currently I have 858 on the list but that doesn't take into account that some are series.
  2. List of books I've read
    Especially on the digital age with less physical books, I like having a way of seeing everything I've read in one spot.
  3. Magazines I've subscribed to
    Includes subscription date, years of subscription, expiration, amount paid and name it is under
  4. Sources for book ideas
    Yes, a list so that I can add to the list hahaha
  5. Mags I want to read
    Mags that sound amazing that I haven't subscribed to...yet
  6. TV shows that I'm currently watching or want to watch
    Includes name of show, channel, F C B P U M L (future one to watch, currently watching, on season break, possible, upcoming new show, meh (if the show isn't worth watching anymore) and later), and notes saying how much I like it and upcoming season dates. I put wayyyy too much effort into it.
  7. Shows Completed
    Shows I've watched every season of
  8. Movies to Watch
    Just like it sounds. I always like having a list of potential movies to watch if I need something for the weekend.
  9. Documentaries to watch
    Same as above but documentaries
  10. Watched movies
    I list every movie that I've watched and the year o watched it. For some reason I feel the need to have this data
  11. TV Show Recommendations
    A list of a few recommended shows that takes into account the person's parameters (length of show, genre, feel to it (ex. leave you wanting more)) and includes show name, channel, genre, link to description, number of completed seasons, upcoming premier date, and other convincing data
  12. Password List
    Because everyone should have one
  13. Gift Ideas for family members
    I keep a list as well as a folder of bookmarks for gift ideas so that I always have something to get people. This mostly stems from my need for organization and also the fact that I don't want to be a bad gift giver.
  14. Gift ideas for me
    A running list that I share with my husband so he never has to worry about what to get me in a pinch
  15. Child names
    I keep a list of boy and girl names for when I have children. They are unique to say the least.
  16. Bank Account Transactions
    I keep a spreadsheet of every transaction and allocate them to different buckets (entertainment, car, food for the house, food eaten out, etc) so that I can see how much I'm spending on different categories and how it compares year-over-year. Yes- I am an accountant lol
  17. Home Requirements and Wants
    We have been non-actively exploring the idea of buying a home. As I research and see more and more houses, I have come up with some things I need and want in a house. If I'm gonna spend the money, it better be what I want.
  18. Vacation packing list
    Just like it sounds but I have columns of stuff for me, for my husband, and stuff we will both need
  19. Credit score tracker
    So I can see how it changes over time
  20. Weekend ideas
    A list of things to do relatively in my area so that I'm never bored
  21. Podcasts
    A lists of all of the good ones
  22. Mom & Jess vacation ideas
    A list of vacation ideas for me and my mom. We have been wanting to go somewhere together for awhile. Just hasn't happened yet.
  23. LivingSocial/ Amazon Deals
    Coupons for different activities/ products that I've purchased
  24. What I want in life
    A list of just that.
  25. Song list
    List of songs/albums I want to download.
  26. Jobs for my cousin/sister
    I made a list of potential jobs for them because they suck at searching for jobs.
  27. Silpada
    A list of jewelry that I want and the price
  28. Medical Bills
    An old list now but 5 years ago when I had a biopsy I had so many bills that I had to keep a spreadsheet to track the payments and due dates. It's a good idea for anyone in that situation.