Starting to feel a bit selfish with all of these personal posts (my therapist would tell me to tell myself to let the guilt go). I'm just happy to have found a comfortable place online to just be me again.
  1. Am I weird for loving nightmares? They are often my best dreams.
  2. Is it ok to be obsessive over foods and music? I binge on something for a week and then it becomes the last thing I want for a few months until I rediscover it.
  3. Is everyone a different person depending on who they are with?
    I feel like there are so many sides to me
  4. I constantly battle between loving being around my family and wanting to leave.
    I would move every few years if I could.
  5. I may be very smiley but I feel very dark in my likes and my mentality.
  6. I feel misunderstood by most. I keep people at stranger level thanks to the need to protect myself. Or perhaps I am not as misunderstood as I think.
  7. Both of my biological parents have called me bitter and cynical out of anger, as if it's a bad thing. Both were at times when they needed to grow up a little. I can be happy and bitter at the same time.
  8. I feel lost. I hate accounting. I'm too creative for this. I feel like I don't know what my passions are and need space that I don't have to find them.