I've watched 2.5 seasons in less than 2 weeks, despite not being usually interested in reality tv.
  1. The super talented judges!
    Craig Tracy, Robin Slonina, Ru Paul all provide great feedback to contestants and can be a bit corny- which I oddly welcome.
  2. The amazing artists
    The show truly selects some amazing painters. They provide me with so much inspiration. Plus, the combination of all of the different personalities is wonderful. My favorites so far are: Natalie Fletcher of Season 1, Aryn Fox of season 2, and Rick Uribe of season 3. Can they all be my best friends?
  3. Rebecca Romijn as the host
    I mean, come on, she's gorgeous inside and out.
  4. The challenges
    Each episode has a mini challenge and a complex challenge and they are always unique and always present their own challenges. You can really see how contestants grow throughout their month filming the show.
  5. Overall, this is a reality show that cuts out a lot of the drama that reality shows tend to have- especially competitive ones. It's a breath of fresh air to have a show based on talent, not just personalities.