As an avid tv watcher and obsessive tracker of my entertainment, I sometimes have to stop watching shows because they become disappointing for some reason or another. Here's a list of those.
  1. The Man in the High Castle
    I SO wanted to love this. Season 1 was promising and left me wanting more but a change in the showrunner really changed the show. It became ultra slow and pointless, in my opinion. Philip K. Dick would be a bit disappointed I think. But hey, at least the Resistance Radio album is amazing.
  2. The Knick
    Again, so promising in season 1, but I felt this show got very slow. Clive Owens is amazing but I wouldn't be surprised to find that I agree with the reasons it was cancelled.
  3. The Americans
    The subject matter is right up my alley but it got slow and weird when one of the main characters had this weird situation with a young girl. I think I made it to season 4.
  4. Between
    Cool concept but it seemed too adolescent for my tastes.