I get super motion sick- front seat, back seat, sometimes while driving. It's a blast. 😷 My husband thinks it's crazy how silent I can be at this point. Unfortunately from experience πŸ˜•
  1. β€’
    Way home from a business trip
    At my last job, I had a few different bosses. One had just started and wanted to take a trip to see a client to get some things cleared up. He asked me to go. Trip there- fine. Trip back- nightmare. I was trying so hard not to let on that his driving was making me sick. He wanted to stop at Starbucks and I knew I wouldn't make it that long and finally said so. We pull in the office parking lot and I open the door just in time. Embarrassing.
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    Honeymoon cruise excursion
    For our Honeymoon, my husband and I went on a cruise. Honduras, our first stop, was amazing. We found this cool driver that really hooked us up. He took us through a resort, w/o paying, and had some buddies take us out to snorkel. I have never gone snorkeling. Did you know that bobbing up and down and also panicking that you can't breathe leads to puking? Yep. Of course as soon as I get back in the small boat I silently puke over the side. Not sure why I thought it was ok to skip meds that day.
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    On the way to an amusement park
    When I was 16, I went with my then-boyfriend's family to one of the many amusement parks in the area. I got car sick (SURPRISE) and puked in the parking lot. Somehow I could ride all of the rides, including roller coasters, and not get sick.
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    Amusement park- again
    Last year I went with my mom to Hershey Park for a day on roller coasters. I drove so that I didn't get car sick. Got on the first roller coaster and started to panic (not sure why- I used to be perfectly fine with them) and felt so sick afterwards. The bathrooms actually smelled so bad that I couldn't puke. Thanks, body.
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    Cleaning out old tuna salad containers
    Cleaning out old containers from the fridge is my least favorite task- especially when they are old tuna salad containers from my husband's lunch. It makes me immediately gag and worse when I open them to clean. I'll admit, I've thrown out a few containers to avoid it. Now I have him do it 😁
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    Driving home from work during a snowstorm
    Great timing, body. I had a bad headache before I left work one day last year. I get in my car and it's extremely slow, stop and go traffic due to a crazy amount of snowfall. Just the type to make the motion sickness monster arise. It was horrible! I wasn't sure I would make it home. Oh and then I had to keep pulling over to get sick, as I proved to myself that puking out the window does not work for me. The only good thing was that humanity surprised meβ€” people stopped to ask if I was ok.
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    Crying on the way home from my grandparents' house
    My grandmother, with whom I have been close to since childhood, has lewy-body dementia and essentially went from being the greatest person on earth to a shell of her former self, laying in bed all day, unable to move or communicate. I used to go each week to deliver to my grandfather some food I made and coming home would hit me so hard. I would cry so hard, it would make me sick. *sigh*
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    Going on short drives just for fun
    My husband and I go for drives every weekend just to get out of the house if we are feeling cooped up. Before I started taking Bonine regularly, I would get sick each and every time. Worse, I always tried to hide it because I didn't want to ruin our time together. I found things like blasting AC or running my hands through my hair helped. Why did I make myself suffer? Lol