Inspired by @lillie_dodd
  1. Taking care of my car
    So many scratches but it's doing well for a 2004 Mazda 3
  2. Taking care of plants
    I want to be that person with the green thumb but...nope.
  3. Getting my fly-away hair to stay down/getting volume in my hair
    Straighter than straight hair that won't hold a curl yet frizzy on top a bit. I wish I could look sleek without looking oily
  4. Getting my nails done in a timely manner
    So my fingernails stay natural mostly and my toenails are consistently half-polished
  5. Staying in touch with friends
    I care! I do! But I'm also lazy and weird. So there's that.
  6. Saying how I feel about important matters
    Working on this one with my therapist.
  7. Drinking enough water
    Constantly dehydrated. I'm just not THAT thirsty
  8. Staying around the speed limit.
    Speed demonnnn lol