Just like it sounds.
  1. Playlists with multiple versions of the same song or different songs with the same title
    I'm an avid Spotify user and make playlists on the reg. Another user made a playlist of the song Both Sides Now- both original and many covers. I did the same with One Fine Day and also made a list of good songs with the title of Werewolf (despite not being the same songs). Have some ideas for me?
  2. Nearby Adventures
    Most of my weekends are dedicated to relaxing but recently I've had the urge to get out and go on some adventures in the nearby area. Recently I found out that there are underground ATV tours through a now-defunct mine. Realllly wanna do that. In the PA area? What other things should I look into?
  3. Trying to actually keep my plants alive
    I've never had a green thumb, but always wished I did. So, I have been learning more about taking care of different plants from my coworker and have been keeping alive an orchid at home and a few plants at work- including a plant that my now-deceased aunt loved. Her plant is growing like crazy and it helps with my grief a bit.
  4. Working to resolve my personal issues
    A couple months ago I decided to finally get a therapist and get back on track mentally. It's been going well and her guidance has already caused some improvement in my life and also has helped me rediscover some things and cycles I didn't see before.
  5. Re-prioritizing my activities
    I watch a lot of TV. A lot- in case you didn't catch on to that. I want to take some time out of my night and start working out, reading, and studying for the CMA. Good luck to me. Breaking routines can be tough.