I want to work- just not in accounting forever. If I wasn't at work I would be...
  1. Reading
    I have a book list of about 900 (yes, it's one of the many lists I have...that aren't on list)
  2. Volunteering
    I would love to help others on a daily basis
  3. Curating playlists on Spotify
  4. Making collages
    Collage has become my favorite art form. You can express so much movement and emotion and the sources can be various. Even the cut/rip of the paper tells a tale.
  5. Career coaching
    I love love love helping people perfect their resumes, perfecting interview strategies, and even building job searching skills
  6. Cleaning
    I like things clean clean clean. You would never know it if you stepped into my apartment. For me, cleaning provides a sense of relief and accomplishment, not to mention cleanliness