I have skills that I don't get to use often and figured this is a good medium for offering them - free of charge too LOL
  1. Job searching
    Let's talk about your parameters and I'll recommend some jobs! I love doing this.
  2. Resume writing/editing
    I love helping others come up with a solid resume. So many times I see people using outdated things (like an objective), bad formatting, etc and I'd love to help you perfect it!
  3. Playlist creating
    Need ideas for a playlist? Let's chat and I'll help you fill in that playlist. Whether it's by theme or emotion or some other variable, playlist creation is so fun!
  4. Finding things to do in the Philly/Philly suburbs area
    I live in Exton, PA- not far from Philly- and can give some killer recommendations based on your parameters.
  5. Cruise recommendations
    My husband and I go on a couple cruises each year (they aren't just for the elderly or the rich). They are a fun way to see many places, eat good food, and have an itinerary for the day (which is important if you need some structure like we do). Just laying on a beach can be boring after a couple of days. Let me know some details of where you want to go/do and I'll make some recommendations.
  6. Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint
    Need some help? I have some expertise to help you out
  7. Making friends
    Ok ok- I just need to make some friends, so if you need one too and I seem like a semi-decent person, let's chat. 😁
  8. Or I can help by just listening. Sometimes it's nice to get things out of our systems but hard to do so to the people we love/know and therapy can be expensive.