It's Friday, which is always great, but even more so because...
  1. I found a job for my intern
    Pays well, is right in her wheelhouse, and is relatively close to her home. They contacted her immediately and she has an interview on Tuesday. So proud of her!
  2. I drank enough water so far today!
    That makes it all week! It really has cleared up my acne. Should have listened to people years ago.
  3. My outfit is 👌
  4. Plans for pool time this weekend are wonderfully inescapable (hopefully it doesn't rain)
  5. It's my niece's 7th birthday tomorrow and I love seeing her play with non-princess toys that we get her
  6. Work has been pretty light today
    Plus my boss isn't in 👍
  7. Not feeling guilty that I haven't been as productive as I "should" be
  8. Had some great fruit salad this morning
    I feel lucky that we have someone that makes us breakfast and lunch for free everyday.
  9. My mini shrimp have been fun to watch a bit.
    #ecosphere look it up!