My Fandom Inspired Ecards, Memes, And Pictures.

A list of some my own fandom eCards, memes, and pictures.
  1. Stranger Things/Doctor Who mash-up
    Couldn't help but notice something very familiar while watching Stranger Things...
  2. Doctor Who eCard
    This is my personal favorite of all of my Doctor Who eCards.
  3. Firefly: 'You're beginning to damage my calm.'
    I actually had this Janye's hat bikini top custom made.
  4. Star Trek
    Don't we all have our 'red shirt' days?
  5. Doctor Who
    I'm not kidding here, unless you've got nothing better to do with your time every Whovian I know has their own theory. And will explain it- at length.
  6. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
    This one was for 'towel day'.
  7. Doctor Who
    From the two-parter that included The Family of Blood. It's rare to get The Doctor this angry.
  8. Batman: "The day a boy became a Bat."
    I took this picture for George and Martha Wayne day.
  9. Game of Thrones: 'A girl has no name.'
    If you ask nicely the fine people at Starbucks will humor your insane geekiness.
  10. Doctor Who
    My love of Doctor Who is readily apparent so you can imagine my delight when one of my favorite guest stars on the show, James Corden, came to host the Late, Late Show. But he'll always be 'Craig' to me.
  11. Batman- Batwoman
    This was for a really fun photo shoot a few months back.
  12. Doctor Who: Day of Silence
    Silence will fall.
  13. Game of Thrones/Friends mash-up.
    Turns out Emilia Clarke has a huge crush on 'Joey' from Friends. I'm not kidding, look up the clip from the Graham Norton Show. It's adorable.
  14. Star Wars
    May the fourth be with you.
  15. Doctor Who eCard
    This is no joke- never interrupt a new Doctor Who episode.
  16. Star Trek: TNG
    Think Geek had Star Trek: TNG swimwear this year- I couldn't resist.
  17. Doctor Who eCard
    This one is pulled from real life too. If you can't talk geek, you're not getting my number. Sorry. 🖖😄
  18. Harley Quinn fandom wear
    I jokingly refer to this pic as 'Harley's Day Off'
  19. Batman Batsuit
    Again, my fandom knows no bounds.
  20. Game of Thrones: 'Hold the door!'
    It was a grieving process for us all.
  21. Doctor Who eCard
    Sadly this is all too true.