I'd had some common and some unusual 'dream jobs' I had in mind growing up. This is as best as I can recall. (I may need to edit later. 😉)
  1. Plumber
    At the age of two I got it into my head that plumbing was the career for me. I honestly have no idea how or why this came into my head then. I do however remember carrying a red, metal tool box around with me for about a good eight months.
  2. Trash Collector
    I don't think I'm alone in this phase. I mean at the age of three the idea of driving around town hanging off the back of an enormous truck was pretty damn cool!
  3. Wing-Walker
    This career choice was a direct result of seeing one too many air shows as a kid. I had autographs and pictures from 'famous wing-walkers' (who knew there even were huh?). I was quite serious about this one and stuck with it for a good year and a half. Not bad for a four year old.
  4. Professional poker player.
    This can be placed squarely at the feet of my Gramma. She started teaching me how to play at three & a half, and by six I was pretty confident this was a great career choice.
  5. Marine biologist.
    For a good four years this was my career of choice. To this day I know far too much about marine life, specifically the mammals.
  6. Forensic psychologist
    I actually went to school and trained for this career for years. However life took me on a different path.
  7. Feline behaviorist
    This is what I've spent the last 15 years doing. It's a job I love and cherish. That said in the past year I've decided to make another career change.
  8. Who knows?
    As I said above I'm currently leaving my current career path to find something new. There is so much to learn about the world and so little time. I'm leaning towards anthropology, specifically ancient religious studies. But who knows? Maybe something else will catch my eye. 😀